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This site endeavours to fulfill the World Wide Web Consortium's standards and guidelines on accessibility to as high a standard as possible.

As you use this site, you'll see that it has lots of accessibility features. The very few images that we use are captioned with "alt" text, all of our fonts scale nicely, and the pages devolve to plain text really nicely. We've used a reasonably high-contrast colour scheme, and we've avoided the use of tables for layout purposes. There is no information presented in a picture that's not provided elsewhere as text. Finally, all hyperlink and form controls (text input fields and buttons) have pop-up information that explains their purpose.

Further than that, we've implemented AccessKeys, keyboard shortcuts for the main navigation features in the site.

AccessKeys for the main menu:

1 - the "Home" page.

2 - the "News" page.

3 - the "Blogs" page.

4 - the "Features & Articles" page.

5 - the "Gallery" page.

6 - the "Contact Us" page.

AccessKeys for the side menu:

p - the "Mailing List" page.

q - the "Pre-Register" page.

r - the "How To Find Us" page.

s - the "Our Prices" page.

t - the "Tell A Friend" page.

u - the "Accessibility" page.

v - the "Site Map" page.

w - the "Privacy Policy" page.

x - the "Terms and Conditions of Use" page.

y - the "Links" page.

z - the RSS News Feed for this website page.


The above options cover all of the basic navigation elements on the page. Other AccessKeys used on this site are specific to particular pages. Any page that has a form for you to fill in, for example, will have AccessKeys specific to that form.

To use AccessKeys, simply hold down the "Alt" key on your keyboard, then press the appropriate AccessKey.

If you feel that there are specific areas of accessibility that we have failed to address please do not hesitate to contact us.

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