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Comment #1, posted by Justine, Stuart, Liam and Dominic Henderson 27/10/2008 22:08:02

We'd like to thank everyone at Redpoint for their hospitality over the weekend. It was our first visit to the climbing centre AND Birmingham and we were made to feel really welcome.
This combined with your brilliant climbing facility makes us think we'll be visiting you again soon!

Comment #1, posted by Davey R 14/12/2009 22:30:59

Love the new baby stalagtite!

Comment #1, posted by Paul 23/11/2008 17:34:37

Hi All. First time at Redpoint last night - won't be the last. Great place, friendly and engaging staff, super routes, easy parking.
Got my ass kicked a few times - come on fingers do your stuff!
I have attached a couple of pics for the gallery if you'd like 'em.
Regards to all and thanks.

Comment #2, posted by orrin 30/03/2009 18:26:49

the competition was awesome i loved it had a gr8 time the routes were hard and it gave me a good challenge so thanks for a good time redpoint!

Comment #2, posted by Jess 28/10/2008 20:26:11

I just wanted to say yesterday was great. Your staff are lovely, the wall is fab, your customers are all lovely, the events were all great fun, it was brilliant watching neil climb and Andy was hilarious. I'll definately be back on weekend rainy days (can't do the week as I come in from leicestershire), thanks mostly to the fact that you (as a climbing wall) made a brilliant effort and the atmosphere was fab.

Thank you.

Comment #2, posted by Susie Moon 20/08/2008 20:17:33

Would just like to say what a fab place this is to take the kids, mine were climbing the walls at home so i took them to do it for real... The staff are really good with the kids (even the difficult ones, i noted) and made to feel really welcome. Even the novices had an obvious increase in confidence after a couple of tries. Thanks for a good idea for school hols, will tell everyone.

Comment #3, posted by Iain Blanch (Midlands AYC) 31/03/2009 12:53:55

Big Thanks to Phil and his team at Redpoint for Friday/Saturday, not only for making a good cuppa just when i needed it but for their assistance and expertise ensuring the day went off without any hicups. Safe to say all enjoyed the day, even with the "challanging routes".....Come on guys...stop complaining they wern't that hard ;-P...even i got up some of them!! I think this round certainly showed us some of the best tallent we have in the Midlands with some very gripping last climbs - u could feel the tension!!! Well donto all that took part, and thanks again to all that helped out....It couln't be done without it :-)

Comment #3, posted by Simon & Gina 25/08/2008 11:05:46

Wow just got back from a whole weekend at Redpoint, what can we say?? Amazing time!! Phil and the team just look after everyone so well and are just so friendly, making Redpoint such a great place to spend time.

So if you're after great climbing, restuarant advice, a scrable masterclass, or even Phil's special word for the day!! I couldn't recomend Redpoint enough!!

You can even pop upstairs to Rock On and meet the worlds first "shoe rack potholing" champions!!

See you very soon guys :-)

Comment #4, posted by Mike 06/03/2008 12:11:46

The routes are excellent, it is so nice to do a route which isn't straight up a flat and featureless wall. I would have said that the routes are actually easier than i expected, but i am in no way a grade expert!
Keep up the excellent work route setting, and don't change the routes from going all over the place! It adds far more realism to the climb!

Comment #6, posted by max 07/03/2008 23:23:38

Really impressed with the place - I got given a tour by Phil before she opened and though it was like climbing Everest with no shoes - but respect due its done and better than I thought.....

After my first 2 sessions - I found that the 6's pretty honest, but some of the 5's a little more demanding. I guess a little more time will moderate... Suppose that why the honesty box is there...

One word to sum up....


Comment #10, posted by Phil and Julie 04/02/2008 22:21:18

Congratulations on finally realising your vision. Just been for our first climb and it was a wonderful experience. Everything about the centre is truly geared to meeting the needs of the climbing community. At last, a climbing wall in Birmingham that has been built by climbers for climbers, with the understanding that the quality of an indoor venue should be every bit as good as the people who use it!

Comment #11, posted by Michele 21/03/2008 08:29:39

This has got to be THE most well thought out climbing wall that I have ever been to, and I've been to quite a few!

Brilliant ideas, such as having a top rope on routes AND quickdraws, with an extra screwgate at the top, so that climbers can take their pick of leading or toproping, mean that you have a real choice of routes.

Giving a grade for climbing routes using ALL the holds gives a whole STACK of easier routes.

The design of the walls themselves is brilliant! No boring, flat panels, but a whole raft of aretes, corners, overlaps, slabs, cracks and features means that I can use all my sneaky tricks, and get my weight onto my feet, making climbs possible for me! Whereas anyone who wants a good workout can ignore these sneaky tricks and get a good, thuggy, overhanging climb on the very same panels!

There is plenty of wall space, without the wall feeling closed in or claustophobic, due to the clever use of stalagtights and sloping walls. It is genius!!!

I was really impressed. And then there are all the little extras, like roomy lockers, pigeon holes for bags, changing rooms, drinks and snacks, a comfy sitting area, and friendly staff!

The route setting was excellent too! Maybe I had died and gone to heaven? :-) I really couldn't see any room for improvement, beyond the fact that I think they should open another wall, this time in Stoke.

Comment #15, posted by little em 05/02/2008 15:29:14

The wall looks amazing, it was fantastic to climb again yesrterday.
Love all different shaped holds, can,t wait for my next vist
cu soon

Comment #17, posted by Ben 08/02/2008 10:10:26

Loved it, spot on guys, will be seeing you again soon!

Comment #20, posted by Bazza 05/02/2008 14:34:36

This place is stunning.Built by climbers for climbers with a tremendous ammount of love and affection and hard work by Phil, Paula, Rob and the team. The photos do not do it justice you have to see it to believe it.Lets get behind it and all spread the word.

Comment #22, posted by Zoe Pickering 09/02/2008 11:15:44

(In reply to Comment #17 by Ben, 08/02/2008 10:10:26)

We came over Friday night for the second time with what amounted to our largest club 'meet' for ages - ten of us all in one place at the same time! Everyone thought the wall was absolutely fantastic, friendly people, good routes and a really nice enviroment! Thanks very much - we will be back soon!

Comment #23, posted by Clare 10/02/2008 00:52:47

Wow! Came over today to see what all the fuss was about... some amazing routes. For me, many of them a little too tough right now but great motivation to get climbing more cos there's a lot of really fun looking stuff! I'll be back... (Also, really friendly staff, great surroundings - feels like a sports centre not a disused warehouse!)

Comment #24, posted by Irene Liu & Michael Chan 31/08/2009 21:46:37

Hi Tom & Martin

My wife and i really enjoyed the climb. That's wonderful experience and looking forward to seeing you next Saturday !

Staff are very friendly and price is very reasonable as well.

Michael Chan & Irene Liu

Comment #25, posted by moooo gally 10/02/2008 10:56:20


Comment #26, posted by Mr G 10/02/2008 23:59:26

Finally found the place Saturday morning (It's on Cecil St next to the PINK tile shop) Had a great time with a group of friends! The routes are exciting and well laid out! We liked how quite a few routes spanned onto different walls to give a better outside feel and not crammed into a small space like our regular haunt! Shall be making use of the amazing £2 annual membership at the weekends every now and again, it's closer and easier to get to than Manchester for me, so i am smiling all round! Well done guys and gals for a superb centre!

Comment #27, posted by Richard Morgan 11/02/2008 20:49:58

Me and the other half managed to make it up with a friend at the weekend and I can say we were all mighty impressed. Although we can't manage a lot of the routes at the moment we had enough to have a really good session. Also you all seemed like a nice friendly bunch.

Comment #28, posted by willis 13/02/2008 07:38:28

Well Well Well Phil et al. Judging by the response written in the Blogs you guys have built a winner. Your vision is reflected in the comments these kind people have written. Big ups to you all. Can you send that password so i can upload some pics.
speek soon

Comment #29, posted by diem 13/02/2008 09:40:08

Paid my first climbing visit last night and it sure lives up to the hype! That arete at the back of the hall is simply sublime, and I had big fun starting a route on one side of the arch, climbing through and finishing up the headwall on t'other side :o>

Most important, at last a climbing wall that keeps us honest about our level of ability. Knock knock, wake up Neo...

Comment #30, posted by Dan T 13/02/2008 10:50:27

Just have to say a huge congrats on the wall. I've been looking forward to climbing on it for a good while now and finaly got a go last night. I was not disappointed, its fanatastic. Every route I did was great, some were just superb and I have to agree with Diems assesment of the arete, what a route!

Well done to all the team

Comment #31, posted by Alan from SCAFell 16/11/2009 08:12:44

Thanks for a really friendly welcome when we decended on you on Sunday. Even with a large group of us, we found plenty of routes available and enjoyed the visit. Hope to see Andy & the Redpoint team again. On behalf of SCAFell, the Scout National Climbing Support Team.

Comment #31, posted by Jo Gyurkovics 13/02/2008 19:30:20

F*@#%$G AWESOME!!! (Potty mouth firmly in check...) A huge congratulations to you all for your hard work, grit and determination in getting this brand spanking new climbing puppy ship shape and OPEN - HURRAH! We're both so happy for you guys, you sould be so PROUD, PROUD, PROUD of yourselves. Now, once you've got it running itself, we need the Vancouver franchise... and a drummer. We miss you a lot. Big...nae, huge....nae MASSIVE respeK and loving all over your face.
Jo & Sandor

Comment #32, posted by ALAN ROADKNIGHT 18/02/2008 13:32:25

well what can i say im only a learner but its wicked id say to anyone interested to come along and give it a try you wont be sorry

Comment #32, posted by Orrin 06/12/2009 21:51:08

hey i had a brilliant idea whilst at the my climbing series today, you should do deep water soloing outdoor course. i just thought i'd mention it because i would definatly go. :)

Comment #33, posted by Max imum 13/12/2009 20:43:58

Nice too see all again after a 9 month break. (DH MTB takes priority in summer months). Anyway this was just a quick note to say well done in keeping the place in tip top condition in difficult economic times and all staff warm and welcoming! Routes were great (as always).

Anyway I thought I'd pass on an interesting idea that I bumped into (no pun...) in a climbing wall in Stuttgart Germany - bouldering in the dark with "black lights", they illuminate chalk marks -absolutely fantastic.

.....You might need to unscrew a few light bulbs to do it mind......

Live long and prosper.


Comment #34, posted by Bruce 28/02/2008 13:44:12

Redpoint Rocks!

Great job guys, loving the walls!

bet you didn`t expect lil ol Bruce to be Grimpin about.

Good stuff!

Comment #35, posted by K8 Jordan 24/01/2010 17:22:54

Thanks to Jeff and Tom our instructors for making my climbing birthday party awesome. I and at least
1 of my friends will be coming back soon so you better watch out!

K8 Jordan

Comment #36, posted by Stacey 29/01/2010 22:28:24

Just got back form climbing with the BCU Student Union and I had the best time!!! have never done it before and was so scared but our instructor (I'm sorry I didn't get your name) was brilliant with encouraging us and challenging us!!! will deffinately be rock climbing again!!!

Comment #37, posted by Helen Bashford 20/04/2010 15:56:27

I only started climbing at redpoint 2 weeks ago and had a fear of heights and falling after a horrible experience. Want to say a big thanks to Rachel for being so patient with me so far (only had 2 lessons). I even managed to impress my boyf by getting to the top of 2 walls, which is a big thing for me. So if you're reading this Rachel, thanks for what you have done so far and see you soon for our next lesson. I can now say I have the climbing bug :D

Comment #39, posted by Dave C 13/05/2010 11:20:08

Fantastic setup. I brought my 7-yr old daughter for a Rock Monkeys session and she had an absolute ball. Really good instruction (thanks Will) and friendly staff all made for a great experience....she can't wait to come back. As a parent it's a great incentiviser when they have something like this they really look forward to. So, from now on, hard work at school + good behaviour at home = a trip to Redpoint. See you again soon......

Comment #40, posted by Heather Payne 22/05/2010 21:48:38

Thankyou to everyone at redpoint ( especially phil and will ) for giving my son, Jude and his friends a fantastic " climbing wall " party. All the staff were extremely friendly and excellent with the children . We were all blown away by this outstanding facility - i would recommend it to anyone !!

Comment #41, posted by Mr. Pinel, the Staff & the Turves Green Boys Year 7 Climbers 19/07/2010 20:12:00

Thank you from Year 7 (all 100 of them!) for the fantastic day of climbing... the feedback from the lads was wonderful! They really had a great time, and you may well have created a few new climbing enthusiasts! Looking forward to bringing the Year 9s down on Thursday.

Thanks again for all your hard work!

Comment #42, posted by Chris 12/11/2010 20:46:39

Great wall, Great Routes, Great atmosphere. you really set the standard high for indoor walls and the staff where chatty and friendly. Great Place will recommend to everyone!

Comment #43, posted by Matt Thombs 22/11/2010 02:28:22

After a couple of months away from climbing I returned to redpoint to find a massive change to the lay out of the venue! I would just like to say that once again the team at redpoint have surpassed themselves. A big thank you to all involved for making this climbing wall even better the thought and use of space that have gone into the development is unmatched. Overall a great environment to socialise and push your climbing to next level. I strongly recommend a visit to anyone who has not visited before or just needs that little bit more motivation.

Well done guys keep it up

Comment #44, posted by Martin H 26/12/2010 08:34:19

thanks for being open tomorrow I'm bored of Xmas already...

Comment #45, posted by Mike G 17/01/2011 23:00:29

Just wanted to say the new bouldering area is great!! Been waiting for a nice big well thought out bouldering area in Birmingham for a while.

Being slightly colour blind I could possibly do with some coloured or lettered tape being put between the tall and the hold so it's easier to distinguish between certain colours, but then again everyone seems happy enough to help out!

Comment #46, posted by Lisa 13/03/2011 18:36:14

Many thanks for making Harry's birthday such great fun for him and his friends - and so stress-free for his parents! You were all great!

Comment #47, posted by james 30/03/2011 12:18:15

If a picture paints a thousand words…….……..then what about a video ?

How do you know if it is technique, strength or commitment that is stopping you sending a route?
Tie in with a better climber and get their expertise………..not always possible.
If you can’t work the route just ask a member of staff, well maybe, but they are very busy and not always able to help.
Once a month could redpoint choose maybe 3 or 4 routes across the grade scale so to include all abilities and post a video of the route setter sending them. These then could be used to improve climbing skills as a kind of masterclass. It’s even possible people may wish to download the video files to their smart phones and use them for the beta at the base of the climb.
Is this possible?
Are other climbers interested in this too?

Comment #48, posted by Phil 02/04/2011 14:04:59

(In reply to Comment #47 by james, 30/03/2011 12:18:15)

Thanks James, great idea. We love to help out whenever we can, so we are going to start working some 'Beta' videos in the next few weeks.
Anyone with a project, drop us an email and we'll include it :)

Comment #49, posted by Matt Rushton - Harts Hill School 08/04/2011 10:10:53

Selection of comments from a local school who had a fun day here:

“Really good, and nerve-wracking!”

“I had a great time, you should go, it is great fun.”

“It was really good and had fun doing it with my mates.”

“Really good day. Me and my mates wanna go back.”

“Really good, we want to go again.”

“It was a really good day, I like the bouncy (bouldering) room.”

“I like the fact you could do as much as you want and then get down.”

“Best trip ever!”

“Very fun and I would love to go again.”


“Really fun and scary.”

“We had a good day but scary!”

“We really enjoyed it and would like to go again.”

“I can belay!”

“Rocks+climbing=great fun!”

“Loved it, especially bouldering.”

“Amazing day. Would still love to go again!”

“I’d love to do it again.”

“It was good as you got freedom to do something and we were with our friends.”

“I enjoyed myself, I want to go again.”

“It was great!”

“It was really good.”

“Great fun and I would love to go again.”

“I had a great time and even managed to complete a 6A course. I also really enjoyed bouldering.”

“The instructor was fun and clear in what we had to do. Good but for mad people!”


“Great day, would like to go again!”

Comment #50, posted by Jess 21/04/2011 11:12:37

Would just like to say a huge thank you to all of the staff at Redpoint on behalf of the crafty corner group from saturdays abseil. We had a practice with you a couple of weeks ago and the two instructors were amazing then...well done for their hard work and getting us all to the bottom!!

Comment #51, posted by Melanie 16/05/2011 12:54:38

I would just like to email to say a huge thank you, we had my sons 10th Birthday party over the weekend at your centre and there was 12 of us. We had three fantastic instructors which worked with the kids and us brilliantly. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and with us having the room for their party food, it just finished it off perfectly.

I would recommend your place to anyone and my family and I will be visiting again shortly.

Thank you again

Comment #52, posted by Claire 16/05/2011 16:58:24

I just wanted to thank everyone at redpoint who were at the top of the mailbox on saturday 16th april! You were all brilliant and I wouldn't have done my abseil that day if it wasn't for all of you.

You were supportive and encouraged me through my most fearful moments, even when I felt I couldn't do it.

Thank you all so very much!

Comment #53, posted by Sarah 16/05/2011 16:59:03

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for our session yesterday with Mick. It’s the 4th session we’ve had at Redpoint, they’ve all been good Mick’s teaching style, extra time and attention to the students was excellent.

Comment #56, posted by Bea and Mark 02/08/2011 17:47:33

Hi Phil and RedPoint Team!

Thank you so much for a great long weekend from Bea and Mark. As we both have only been climbing for a year I was not sure if we hadn't taken on too much but we had a great experience and it was definitely the right time for us. The instructors Phil, Ade, Jef and Paula were so great in giving use a range of different experiences whilst boosting our (well at least my) confidence in our (my) abilities. We will definitely continue with the outdoor climbing too. A special thanks to Jef for literally holding my hand with the self-abseiling - that was a big fear of mine and I actually enjoyed it so much that I tried it again.

Bea and Mark :)

Comment #57, posted by Dave Harvey 04/08/2011 17:51:56

Learning to protect yourself and your partner on steep gritsone crags under a burning sun and continental azure sky - I can't recommend a Redpoint outdoor climbing weekend enough!

Comment #59, posted by richard smith 15/08/2011 20:41:30

Just a note to say thanks for a fantastic weekend at the Roaches - I learned a lot, did some fantastic climbing (it hurts to type at the moment!), and had lots of fun. I can't praise the guys highly enough for their knowledge,patience, and infinite stock of mind-boggling stories of near-death experiences! Everyone learning to climb should do one of these courses - highly recommended.

Comment #60, posted by Rhiannon 17/08/2011 11:08:26

Hi, just wanted to say how great the Take it Outdoors course is. The ratio of instructors:learners is fantastic, meaning you get excellent tuition tailored to you. You are asked in advance what type of skills you want to develop on the course, and then the instructors make sure you cover everything you want to learn about. I'd really recommend it - I only went for one day and already I feel confident to go outdoors without qualified instruction. Also the hut that you stay in is incredible! Thanks for a fun and really useful weekend.

Comment #61, posted by Louise 12/09/2011 15:32:59

I just wanted to thank you for organising such a great party for Sophie last weekend - all the children really enjoyed the climbing and they were really well looked after. My other daughter wants to have her party at the climbing centre now!

Comment #62, posted by Geri 14/01/2012 00:11:33

Grandsons Jacob and Joshua thoroughly enjoyed their climbing session with Danny – a very impressive and considerate instructor. It was exciting and challenging for them and they came away from Red Point having had a wonderful morning. There was such variety in the climbing tasks that they were set and clearly these activities at Red Point did much for their confidence.

I'd especially like to express my appreciation of the consideration given and how we were made so welcome.

Continued success to you with your venture and hopefully I'll see you again with Jacob and Joshua in the near future.

Comment #63, posted by Lucy 30/01/2012 20:42:37

Myself, Amber and her friends would like to say a big THANK YOU to Tom and all the people at redpoint for a amazing birthday party, all the girls didn't want to leave. Redpoint is a amazing place and a must for any climbing fan. Thanks again.

Comment #64, posted by Adam 17/02/2012 20:13:57

I just wanted to say thanks to all your instructors for three great climbing sessions this week. We do climbing (and other activities) to help the young people develop self-confidence and learn to believe in themselves and push themselves a little bit further. Your instructors have helped several young people in particular to do that this week.

Comment #65, posted by Donna 18/03/2012 20:49:17

Just wanted to say a big 'THANKYOU' to all of the instructors at Redpoint that have worked alongside our GCSE PE pupils.
They have learnt a lot over the past 7 weeks and have enjoyed the sessions, and more importantly have secured some great GCSE Climbing levels to take forward to their overall GCSE PE grade next year.
I can and will highly recommend your centre and hope to work with you again in the future.
Thankyou again

Comment #66, posted by Kate 03/06/2012 13:15:39

Hi, just a quick email to say a big THANK YOU to Paula and the team who looked after Jack's friends at his climbing party. They all really enjoyed it and still haven't stopped buzzing!!

We'll definitely be back again!!

Comment #67, posted by Johnson 27/08/2012 10:47:43

We visted with my 3 daughters. We enjoyed it very much and will love to do it again. Rose our instructor was great especially with the girls who were sometimes overwhelming, her patience and skills shone through.

Comment #68, posted by Daz 27/08/2012 10:48:23

Had a brill day, 1st time out on the rock, enjoyed every bit of the day, rain held of, so that was good, learnt a lot about rigging up and different knots, thanks redpoint..

Comment #69, posted by Deb 27/08/2012 10:49:56

I just wanted to say what a fabulous day we had with you and the staff at the Roaches. My 8 year old daughter Robyn had such great fun and really loved the day. The instruction you gave has now given me the confidence to take her outdoors by myself. Thanks again for such a great day.. In addition there was plenty of sunshine!!

Comment #70, posted by James Badger 12/02/2013 18:23:33

Great 2nd Lead lesson last night. Falling on a lead rope sure feels different to top rope! Good fun tho!

Comment #71, posted by Oliver Constant 12/02/2013 18:25:15

Came along with my girlfriend Hayley Eagle for her birthday and the place is great and everyone's really friendly, also the instructor (Phil) was great! Very knowledgeable and patient with us!

Comment #72, posted by Mike Lax 12/02/2013 18:25:41

Henry had a brilliant 8th birthday party today. Thanks to everyone, especially Rose and Geoff the instructors for making sure he and his friends had a great time.

Comment #73, posted by Jason Radbourne 12/02/2013 18:26:27

Thank you again redpoint for a fantastic day! Well done to all the staff on all their hard work. Good to see familiar faces and catch up see you soon!

Comment #74, posted by Zoe Urry 12/02/2013 18:31:28

Great instructors + fun place = happy me!

Comment #75, posted by Sarah 04/03/2013 10:34:30

Thank you for a great party for my daughter. They had a great time! The staff were really helpful before and during the party and it was relaxed and stress-free. We have definitely got the climbing bug and will be back!

Comment #76, posted by Alison 03/04/2013 10:42:53

Just wanted to say thank you for a brilliant birthday party last Friday. Our instructor was Carrie and she was great fun and kept the boys attention for 90 minutes - amazing! Arthur has told me it was the best birthday party he has ever had and wants to come again next year.

Thanks again for making it such a fun time for all.

Comment #77, posted by Darren 13/04/2013 06:56:21

Visited your climbing centre today. Very friendly, helpful and a thank you to the instructor. Well worth the visit. Well recommended. Gold Star!

Comment #78, posted by Becky 12/06/2013 23:50:21

We just wanted to say thank you for a great party on Sunday! All the children had a great time and were encouraged to join in and have a go. Will, Heidi and Lee were all brilliant.

Comment #79, posted by Sarah 27/07/2013 16:57:02

Just wanted to say we had an amazing night and your instructors were amazing with Radford Rhinos ESU thanks so much they learnt a lot.

Comment #80, posted by Ellie 27/07/2013 16:59:23

First time back in over a year and really enjoyed it! Thank you guys! ;)

Comment #81, posted by Ngozi 26/11/2013 09:59:05

I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to all the instructors and other members of the team who helped to organise George's birthday party on 10th Nov. I have honestly never seen them all concentrate so well! They all had such a lovely time and are keen to climb again (the majority had never climbed before). The whole team were so friendly and relaxed from start to finish - what a brilliant service.

Comment #82, posted by Sarah 06/01/2014 17:35:39

I wanted to say thanks a lot to the instructors who led my daughters birthday party on Saturday. The children all had a fantastic time.
They got to climb on a range of walls and were all very proud of their achievements- most of them having never climbed before.
The service from all the staff was excellent- highly recommended!

Comment #83, posted by Neil 15/02/2014 17:44:22

Hi all, we came to your climbing wall last Saturday on your birthday, where we had a fantastic time, and met the friendliest staff ever!!!!

Comment #84, posted by Helen 17/02/2014 11:41:47

Hello my daughter had a birthday party at the climbing centre on 16th Feb, in her words it was the best party she has ever had. All of the kids loved it and managed to climb the walls even those scared of heights and with medical conditions. The instructors were brilliant with the kids so enthusiastic and helpful. Would recommend you to anyone. Thank You for a wonderful time.

Comment #85, posted by Simon 24/02/2014 09:10:41

It is a very rare occasion that I would leave any feedback for anything. So here it is.... A very rare occasion....

Having visited Redpoint Birmingham for the first time this weekend (for our daughters 8th birthday) we really didn't know what to expect. What it turned out to be was an amazing experience. The staff were all excellent and very welcoming. A special thank you to Paula who seemed to have some kind of magic power to keep our children fully engaged the whole time (with the youngest been only 5). Everyone loved it that much we ended up staying longer than booked!

Thank you for making this experience such a good one and such a great memory for our daughter.

The kids haven't stopped talking about it and we will definitely be back! Thank you so much

Comment #86, posted by Sap 07/03/2014 20:18:41

Booked in for a fun climbing session and had a wonderful time. The staff were great over the phone and in person. Shout out for our lovely instructor Lee, thanks for your kind motivation and making it fun. Well worth the money.

Comment #87, posted by Alan 31/03/2014 09:08:09

My daughter Lizzie Jones had her birthday at Redpoint Birmingham today. She had a brilliant time. All her friends did too. Their parents tell us that all the girls now think that climbing is the new thing. We'll certainly be bringing her down again! Also Richard (a friend of a friend) & Paul the instructors were absolutely brilliant and got even the more nervous ones to the top of the walls. So a massive thank you to all of you there. On a final note I felt there was a really good vibe there with everyone I saw enjoying themselves be they children, adults & staff. Thank you again. Alan

Comment #88, posted by Paul 15/05/2014 17:11:17

TIO Progrssive Navigation 10/05/14
“very well prepared, well thought out and really well delivered.
I would recommend the day to anyone with an interest in the outdoors in general.”

Comment #89, posted by Piero 15/05/2014 17:13:08

TIO Progrssive Navigation 10/05/14
“planning was great, and the tasks, content, and personalisation of the day for each of us was perfect.”

Comment #90, posted by Anne 19/05/2014 14:39:39

We had a party for Callum yesterday and just wanted to give you a little bit of feedback. Our children, Callum & Cara have climbed 2/3 times and on every occasion we’ve been incredibly impressed with how helpful, professional, practical and courteous your staff have been. We’ve always felt really welcomed. From encouraging the children, to giving keen advice to my husband who has climbed quite a lot - your staff have made our introduction to Redpoint feel like a home from home.

As such we felt really comfortable arranging a birthday party for our eldest (Callum, 7). The children had an amazing time, the facilities were great and your staff were so chilled out that it made a potentially stressful event very easy. I am not sure of the staff members who were involved on the day, but I am sure you can look them up……lots of thanks to Danny and Phil who encouraged us to book through their welcoming attitude and hospitality on previous visits. You’ve certainly all got the right attitude to inspire success. A combination of Dominos (pizza) and Sue’s cafe (chips) worked like a strike of genius!

Comment #91, posted by Gossey Lane Junior School 23/05/2014 16:15:38

I just wanted to email you and say thank you very much for accommodating us on our recent Attendance award trips - I wasn't lucky enough to be able to come, but staff told me how friendly you all were and the children told me how much fun they all had!

I'll definitely be booking again in the future - I've had specific requests from the children!

Comment #92, posted by Anita O'Sullivan 21/08/2014 10:05:30

I attended the centre this morning with my daughter and two friends as a birthday outing. I just had to contact you to say what a great great time they had. They have used words like"Kitty that was the best party ever and "Kitty your mom is really cool".

The instructor (and I am sorry I can't remember his name) was absolutely fantastic. What a complete professional who knew exactly how to deal with a bunch of kids. I was thoroughly entertained by his interaction with them. Thank you Redpoint for a fabulous experience.

Comment #93, posted by Lesley Ann Docherty 28/09/2014 14:40:59

I would love to leave a comment!
My daughter had her 7th birthday party at redpoint and it was fabulous. The instructors dealt with nervous climbers really well and equally stretched the more confident ones. All in all we had a fab party - thank you !

Comment #94, posted by Mark 04/10/2015 12:15:47

I feel compelled to email my thanks and gratitude.

Being best man for a groom is foreboding at the best of times. No more so when organising the stag do. Pressure to give the stag a good send off can bring one to the brink of a nervous break down.

Golfing, go-carting, paint ball, football, ... The list of options are endless. Then my 8 year old son (a NICAS level 1 novice) suggested climbing.

So, I went for it and booked two hours climbing with you which we did last weekend.

I can honestly say that all those on the stag do had an amazing time; I was king of the best men

I would particularly like to thank Abbie and Ellie. They pitched the session perfectly and made sure we had a good time.

I would have no hesitation in recommending your centre to anyone organising an event of any sorts. If I am ever best man again I know where to go.

Comment #95, posted by Dawn 04/10/2015 12:17:07

Hi I would like to say a huge thank you, my young people really enjoyed Monday and today's activities. I also want to say how your staff are amazing, they remembered all the names stuck by and encouraged each and everyone of them and made sure all had a good day.

I will be highly recommending red point to others and using you again.

Thank you

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