Monday to Friday : 10am till 10pm
Weekends : 10am to 6pm
Bank Holidays : 10am to 10pm
PHONE : 0121 359 1777


Save time on your first visit by doing the paperwork at home. Don't forget to bring the forms with you!


If you are over 18 and coming to Redpoint for a lesson with our instructors you don’t need to fill anything in before you arrive.

Competent climbers who are over 18 can download a membership form to fill in here . Please remember to print the conditions of use on the back.

Our conditions of use are here – please print these on the back of your membership form. You’ll need to sign to say you’ve read these so please take a few minutes to do so.


For anyone looking for more information about climbing for young people, the British Mountaineering Council have a really informative booklet for parents of young climbers which can be downloaded here

Parental Consent

For Under 18s who are having instruction (Rock Monkeys, Birthday Parties etc) we will need a Parental Consent form completed.

Download Parental Consent Form here

Under 18 Supervised Climbers

If climbing under supervision of an adult member of the centre please use our Under 18 Registration Form, this is a combined registration / supervision / parental consent.

Download Under 18 Registration Form here

Under 18 Unsupervised Climbers

Climbers who are under 18 but over 14 years old will only be allowed to climb unsupervised after taking a compulsory belay test and completing our Under 18 Tested Form. This form has two pages, both of which have a section that needs to be completed by a parent, guardian or carer and must be printed back to back.

Download Page 1 : Under 18 Year Old Tested Form here

Download Page 2 : Special Permission Under 18 Form here

For Unsupervised 14 and 15 year olds, these consent forms must be completed in person at the Centre by the parent, guardian or carer.

Give us a call to let us know you are coming and we’ll make sure we have a manager available for the test.

Please note that Under 18s are not normally allowed to supervise novices or other Under 18s.

If you have any questions or concerns please telephone the centre for more information

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